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Website Development

  • Ecommerce Website

    Ecommerce website allows you to sell products via the Internet. The advantage of an online store is that your products or services can be purchased anywhere in the world.

    Online store website developed by our company is easy to administer and manage content by the owner or administrator of the site and, most importantly, easy to use for your customers. Without and special skills or knowledge required, your website manager or admin can use a simple and clear visual interface in our CMS.

    Ecommerce website for your business means entering the new markets, strengthening the popularity of corporate identity, brand, increasing the number of your potential customers.

  • Promo, Landings

    Spending less money on development, you can get a complete full-functioning website that will focus the attention of visitors just to your products or services.

    Landing page (or a single-page website) is a great way for advertising your new product or service. It can even be placed on your existing site. The advantage of using the landing page, compared to full-featured heavy website, is its user-friendliness. Single-page site allows your visitors to make minimum effort to search for the information.

    Promo page (i.e. landing) is quite powerful instument for advertising. Such website will work for you whether it will be one single advertisement (for example, your new product lineup), or a stand-alone website with all the needed and important information about you or your company.

  • Business Website

    A business website is one of the most popular and profitable ways of investing money in advertising your products and services on the Internet.

    It is suitable when landing page or promotional site is not enough to reflect the entire range of goods or services your company provides. Business sites usually work the best for small and medium businesses, where you need to place a lot of information. Often on such sites information is presented in several languages, divided into multiple different sections, categories and pages.

    The cost is determined by the availability of the items listed above as well as the catalog of products or services and its volume, additional options on the site, etc.

    For example, the site for the furniture manufacturer will be significantly different from the private dentist website or portfolio-site for the photographer in the number of pages and their types, main functionality, which will form a completely different price proposals.


  • Web Design

    Design is the first thing which your visitors notice when they enter your website. Usually at that very first moment, your company is being evaluated and compared with your competitors. Based on the design and general experiences, users got an impression about the level of your company. This is due to the fact that quite often a visit to your website is the first contact between a potential client and your organization. Graphic design can define your company's position among the customers and potential buyers will try to value the company based on the first impresion (your website design) before even trying your goods and/or services.

    We design the logical structure of the website, think about the most convenient solutions for the information represantatino and create the design part of your project. The criterion we value the most is user experience and convenience as it is an integral part of a successful site. We also consider your wishes about the future design and complement the harmonious combination of colors, typography, original and relevant graphic images or photographs to it.

  • Logos and Branding

    If you want your business or product to be remembered and stand out against competitors, it should have a unique logo. The market has taught consumers to associate the products with specific graphic image. A good logo should be simple, universal, relevant and memorable. We can create such a logo for you.

    Usually just a logo is not enough and we can help by designing the whole corporate style for your company. Branding is the creation of a coherent and popular consumer image of a product or service. Its goal is to create a unique image of the brand and to clearly form the direction of communications.

    Before we create a brand, we focus on analyzing and understanding corporate or personal history, purpose, and target audience. The end result may include elements such as logo, corporate colors and fonts, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders and souvenirs. Additionally, the whole concept, visualization and data can be combined into a brandbook.

    Price: from $150 (starting price for a single logo)

    Get in touch for more details and pricing!

  • Illustration

    The use of illustrations helps to emphasize the individual image of the company, as well as the product or service that it offers.

    With the help of illustration you can make any content more diverse and vivid. It can be infographic that is easily perceived and well remembered, or a poster for your business, or a corporate mascot.

    All illustrations are supplied in different foramts, ready for print or other usage.

    Pricing is defined after analyses of the given task, technique, content filling of the needed image itself.


  • Maintenance and Support

    In some period of time, after creating a site of your dream, you might want to change something globally on your website. For example, add new sections to the site, remove outdated or irrelevant information, refresh certain design elements, add support of 3rd-party software, and so on. So basically implementing some new functionality that was not included in the initial website development scope and not supported by the current content management system (CMS).

    Most of our clients with online stores (ecommerce websites) are constantly updating their platform, integrating new features, automating some of the processes in their store. This could include significant changes in the product catalog structure, new features for staff in the admin section, and more.

    We are practicing so-called revisions. Such upgrades and significant changes in the functionality are evaluated individually at any time after creating a website.

    We can also try to help with your existing website, even if it was developed by our company. However, this will depend on what type of code (programming language) is used, the installed CMS, hosting environment or other settings.

    Contact us, lets talk about your project!

  • Hosting, Domains

    We can help you to pick and register the domain name for your website. The vast majority of domains we are registering are in the popular international and ukrainian zones: .com, .net, .org, .com.ua, .org.ua, .if.ua, .in.ua, and others.

    We provide hosting for your sites on the powerful servers from leading ukrainian hosting providers, which usually guarantees at least 99.9% of uptime!

    Also, there will be absolutely no problem if you already have hosting and/or registered domain name of your choice. We will install and configure the developed website on your hosting. This service is free when you're creating a website.

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