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Custom website design & development

We develop websites of various levels of complexity — from small sites to online stores and portals.
Websites we created.

Website design

Creating website design mockups. Redesign of your current website.
Examples of design templates.

Graphic design, print

Creating logos, designing flyers, business cards, billboards, signage and other advertising and printing products.
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Software development, interface design, web scripting

Creation of software products that automate and facilitate different types of work based on modern Web technologies. Also, extending the functionality of existing projects (websites) by adding new modules.
Key benefits of using web applications and technologies:
  • platform independence. In order to work with App, all you need is browser and Internet connection (if necessary)
  • relatively easy upgrades, the possibility of making changes in key functionality modules
  • online access, from any place of work or, conversely, limiting access only to one computer/place
  • the use of new technologies long after the development; no need to rewrite the whole project from scratch
  • when nessessary, access restrictions and data encription
  • significant savings in the development of this type of software
We created our own project management system, accounting system and budget planning, password storage system. Also, we develop systems of import and merging price lists for online stores.
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Domain registration and Hosting

Registration of international and Ukrainian domain names: .com, .net, .org, .com.ua, .org.ua, .if.ua, .in.ua and other popular domain names.
Hosting your websites on powerful servers from leading Ukrainian hosting providers.

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