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8 Panas Myrny Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
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Latest Projects

Players Database for Youth Teams of Ukrainian Rugby Federation
Players Database for Youth Teams of Ukrainian Rugby Federation
InterActiveIvano-Frankivsk City Beekeepers Association
Ivano-Frankivsk City Beekeepers Association
Charity Foundation Mother Teresa
Charity Foundation Mother Teresa
Tanya Kondratovych, photographer
Tanya Kondratovych, photographer
NewHunterAvicena Dental Clinic
Avicena Dental Clinic
Football Club "Ugornyky" (Soccer)
Football Club "Ugornyky" (Soccer)
Franko Restaurant
Franko Restaurant

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Our company provides internet-marketing services. We can create a website for you company, draw new design for your old website, create a unique corporate style for your company or support your website by updating the information on the site, bringing new technologies and adding new features.

We will help your company look better than your competitors. The spectre of your goods and services could be easily viewed online. We will create a website for your music band, or help to increase the sales in your store by selling your goods online.

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Our Clients

SuperAVTO - webportal about autos, autoshows, autosalons
FC Ugornyky
eStore Electric
Charity Foundation Mother Teresa
Restaurant Franko

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