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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What I Need To Know Before Ordering the Website Development?

Prior to specify the following:
  • Goal and purpose of the website. That is what you plan to get after the site is already created and running (eg increased sales)
  • Structure of the website
  • What information will be displayed on the website. This is one of the most important things. The client must submit all of the content
  • How many different languages ​​will be on the website (monolingual or multilingual)
  • Desirable domain name (e.g. company.com.ua) and hosting
Also, it should be noted that, without an exception, the following information will appear your site:
  • button size 88 × 20 pixels:
  • text "Created by — Devtrix" (or similar)

How much does the website development cost?

Please contact our manager directly.

Why your prices are higher? I was told that some student can make it much cheaper!

It's not just a single person is working on the website. The following people are usually working on a project: project manager, designer, coder, programmer and tester (QA). And all of our employees have a high technical education.


Pricing can vary from project to project, depending of the structure of the website, deadlines.

How long the development of the website goes?

This is really dependent on the type of the website.

Created by Devtrix

Website Development by Devtrix

Created by Devtrix