Sliderman.js v1.3.8

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Only JavaScript file

License & User Agreement

By the fact of using Sliderman.js you accept the following terms:

  1. You can use Sliderman.js for free until all copyright information is present in sliderman.1.3.8.js.
  2. You may redistribute the script without changing the original source code.
  3. If you have added new functionality to the code, please contact the author.

Sliderman.js Changelog

Versions history

  • v1.3.8
    Bug fixed: images blinking effect which sometimes occured in Google Chrome
  • v1.3.7
    Bug fixed: infinite recursion when slider parameter 'effects' was not defined
  • v1.3.6
    Bug fixed: JavaScript error in Internet Explorer (old versions) (appeared in 1.3.5). Thanks to Paul Wilkins
  • v1.3.5
    Added functionality: new control methods: Slider.start(),, Slider.pause(), Slider.stop()
    Added functionality: new properties for display object: autostart, effects_order, first_slide
    Bug fixed: memory leak bug in old Internet Explorer browsers (IE6, IE7)
    Bug fixed: Slider.go() not working (when slider is busy). Now it remembers the last action (i.e. click on some slide, click on next button etc). Will occur right after animation is finished
  • v1.3.0
    Added functionality: new display option 'loop'
    Added functionality: random autoplay support (display option 'random')
    Added functionality: new method Slider.random()
    Added functionality: new effect option 'easing'
    Added functionality: new method Sliderman.easing() to define custom effect easing function
    Added functionality: new method Sliderman.order() to define custom effect order function
    Added functionality: new built-in orders added: square, rectangle, circle, cross, rectangle_cross
    Bug fixed: navigation links bug fixed
    Bug fixed: autoplay bug fixed
  • v1.2.1
    Bug fixed: javascript bug with images loading in new Opera 11 browser. Please update sliderman!
  • v1.2.0
    Added functionality: html content support (see contentmode on API page for details)
    Added functionality: ability to include prev/next button in navigation
    Bug fixed: slider effects parameter is not working with the argument type array in Internet Explorer
  • v1.1.1
    Bug fixed: error in default slider ordering (appeared after fixing mootools compatibility)
  • v1.1
    Added functionality: mousewheel support for scrolling slides (next/prev)
    Added functionality: new callback methods: loading, before, after (see API page for details)
    Bug fixed: mootools compatibility bug
  • v1.0.2
    Bug fixed: slides links didn't appear on images in Internet Explorer
  • v1.0.1
    Added functionality: ability to use image maps (usemap="#mymap") instead of simple links
    Bug fixed: default javascript random functionality (first and last elements generally appear twice rearer)
  • v1.0.0
    First public version of Sliderman.js
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